i!helpList of commands
i!help <command | category>Help info for specified command
i!botinfoDisplays technical details about the bot
i!trelloRetrieves the Icarus Trello link for bug reporting
i!premiumReturns information on getting premium access
i!redeem Redeem a premium key
i!supportReturns an invite link to our support server
i!voteReturns a link to vote for Icarus
i!websiteReturns a link to Icarus’ website
i!remindme Has Icarus send the message set to you after the time specified
i!changelogLists the most recent update and changes
i!pingChecks various network response times
i!uptimeShows how long Icarus has been online for
i!serverShows basic information about the server
i!permissionsLists permissions currently available to you
i!rank <user>Shows a user’s rank on the servers leveling system
I!avatar <user>Provides a download link to the selected users avatar
i!user <user>Displays useful information about the selected user
i!toggle <command | category>Toggles a command or category to be disabled or enabled
i!settings <setting> <option>Change various server-related settings
i!set command_prefix <prefix>Sets the prefix used for commands
i!kick <user>Kicks the user of choice out of the server
i!ban <user>Bans the user of choice from the server
i!genpvcGenerates a private channel
i!prune <amount>Mass deletes the amount of messages specified from a channel less than 2 weeks old
i!announce <channel> <message>Makes an announcement to the chanel posted / specified
i!reactrole <@role> <:emoji:>Creates a react role instance to provides roles apon reacting
i!delreactrole <:emoji:>Removes an emoji from the react role instance
i!starboard <#channel>Sets a channel to pin messages when reacted with the ⭐ emoji
i!giveawayCreates a giveaway for people to react to enter, can create multiple giveaways
i!endgiveaway <:messageID:>Forcefully ends the current running giveaways. Entering a messageID of an exsisting giveaway will forcefully end only that specific one.
i!set <admin_role|mod_role|dj_role|sniper_role> <role>Assigns specified permissions to the specified role
i!settings auto_role <role>Give the specified role to a new user who joins the server
i!settings level_channel <channelName/channelID>Specifies a channel for leveling messages
i!settings logging_channel <channelName/channelID>Specifies a channel for logs
i!settings modlog_channel <channelName/channelID>Specifies a channel for moderator / admin logs
i!logconf <type> <true/false>Specifies which actions to log | must turn off <all> to specify certain ones
i!settings music_channel <channelName/channelID>Specifies a channel for all music embeds to be posted in
i!settings music_channel_auto <channelName/channelID>Specifies a channel Icarus will join automatically when a user joins it
i!settings music_volume <amount>Sets the music volume level
i!settings music_vote_percent <amount>Sets the percentage of skips needed to skip a song by users
i!bank historyDisplays your transaction history
i!balanceDisplays your melon balance
i!dailyCollect melons every 24 hours | Premium users get an increased amount
i!blackjack <amount>Compete with Icarus to see who gets closest to 21
i!connect4 <amount>Play with another user in a game of connect 4
i!tictactoe <amount>Play with another user in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe
i!highlow <amount> <high | low>Guess if Icarus’ number is high or low
i!gamble <amount>50/50 chance to double your melons or lose everything
i!fns <platform> <username>Displays Fortnite stats of the specified user
i!fns <link> <platform> <username>Links your discord account to a fortnite account
i!countdown <5 | 60>Starts a countdown in your current voice channel
i!coinflipChoses heads or tails
i!triggered | i!triggered <username>Generates a random “triggered” image / gif
i!banghead | i!banghead <username>Generates a random “banghead” image / gif
i!danceGenerates a random “dance” image / gif
i!lewd | i!lewd <username>Generates a random “lewd” image / gif
i!punch | i!punch <username>Generates a random “punch” image / gif
i!smugGenerates a random “smug” image / gif
i!nekoGenerates a random “neko” image / gif
i!slap | i!slap <username>Generates a random “slap” image / gif
i!dabGenerates a random “dab” image / gif
i!owoGenerates a random “owo” image / gif
i!shrug | i!shrug <username>Generates a random “shrug” image / gif
i!smile | i!smile <username>Generates a random “smile” image / gif
i!blush | i!blush <username>Generates a random “blush” image / gif
i!naniGenerates a random “nani” image / gif
i!pat | i!pat <username>Generates a random “pat” image / gif
i!poke | i!poke <username>Generates a random “poke” image / gif
i!awooGenerates a random “awoo” image / gif
i!bite | i!bite <username>Generates a random “bite” image / gif
i!stare | i!stare <username>Generates a random “stare” image / gif
i!sleepyGenerates a random “sleepy” image / gif
i!pout | i!pout <username>Generates a random “pout” image / gif
i!cry | i!cry <username>Generates a random “cry” image / gif
i!deredereGenerates a random “deredere” image / gif
i!bakaGenerates a random “baka” image / gif
i!hug | i!hug <username>Generates a random “hug” image / gif
i!catGenerates a random cat image
i!dogGenerates a random dog image
i!memeGenerates a random meme image
i!8ball <question>Ask the 8ball a question and recieve a random answer
i!play <Name|URL|Playlist URL>Plays the audio from the specified name or link
i!playlistLists all of the playlist commands
i!search <song name>Searches YouTube for related tracks and displays them in a list
i!leaveForces Icarus to leave your voice channel
i!repeatToggles current track repeat
i!pausePauses currently playing audio
i!stopStops currently playing audio and clears the queue | forces Icarus to leave channel
i!listqueueLists all songs in the music queue
i!clearqueueClears all of the songs in the current queue
I!skipSkips the current playing audio | if votes are enabled, they’ll need to meet the vote amount to skip song
i!seek <hh:mm:ss>Skips the specified amount ahead into the currently playing audio
i!resumeResumes the paused audio
i!nowplayingShows currently selected audio and position
i!restartRestarts the current playing audio
i!shuffleShuffles the current queue
i!volume <1-100>Adjusts the volume of the audio
i!bass <off|low|medium|high|insane|broken>Enhances the bass of the currently playing audio
i!anime | i!anime Retrieves information about an anime, or provides a random one
i!character | i!character Retrieves information about a [anime/manga] character, or provides a random one
i!manga | i!manga Retrieves information about a manga, or provides a random one
i!animesearch | i!animesearch Lists 10 selectable anime entries related to your query
i!charactersearch | i!charactersearch Lists 10 selectable character entries related to your query
i!mangasearch | i!mangasearch Lists 10 selectable manga entries related to your query
i!nsfwsearchSearch through Donbooro using tags to generate NSFW images / gifs
i!icarusnsfwGenerates NSFW images / gifs of Icarus (Ikaros)
i!blowjobGenerates an Blowjob NSFW image / gif
i!boobsGenerates an Boobs NSFW image / gif
i!fuckingGenerates an Fucking NSFW image / gif
i!trapGenerates an Trap NSFW image / gif
i!femdomGenerates an Femdom NSFW image / gif
i!lesbianGenerates an Lesbian NSFW image / gif
i!analGenerates an Anal NSFW image / gif
i!cumGenerates an Cum NSFW image / gif
i!yuriGenerates an Yuri NSFW image / gif
i!kitsuneGenerates an Kitsune NSFW image / gif
i!feetGenerates an Feet NSFW image / gif
i!pussyGenerates an Pussy NSFW image / gif
i!interracialGenerates an Interracial NSFW image / gif
i!furryGenerates an Furry NSFW image / gif
i!penisGenerates an Penis NSFW image / gif
i!gothGenerates an Goth NSFW image / gif